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Opencode Systems created the industry’s original USSD Center and continues to set the standard for USSDC worldwide.

Opencode USSD Center is today’s most adopted, and fully open, multi-service and multi-provider USSD platform. It allows rapid deployment of USSD services while opening new, almost unlimited mobile application opportunities.


Industry-leading USSD Gateway and USSD Application Server

Opencode Systems pioneered USSD and continues to drive the industry’s USSD agenda. Its open USSD Gateway and USSD Application Server integrate various network protocols, and have multiple deployments with capacities of thousands transactions per second.


Service Provider (SP) Hosting

USSD banking, Interactive broadcast, Location based content, are a few of today’s growing SP applications.


Instant value to all Value-Added Services

Via simple IP reconfiguration, existing and new SMS, STK, WAP, IVR and other mobile applications can be available by USSD instantly. Every day Opencode helps Mobile Operators worldwide increase the list of killer USSD implementations.

Example of integration:


Highlighted features:


  • USSD Menu Browsing
  • Premium Numbers Management and Hosting
  • Multi Network Access (Multi-HLR, Multi-IN)
  • Multiple Service Access (SMPP, UCP, VXML, SOAP, Diameter, 20+ standards)
  • Multi-service and Multi-provider
  • Web Based SCE and simulators
  • USSD Interactive Broadcast (Offline and Online)
  • Multi-language (end-to-end)
  • USSD Sponsoring
  • Session Resumption
  • SMS Browsing
  • Owned, In-house developed and customizable SS7 stacks
  • UMTS and GSM MAP Conformance
  • Mobile and Network Initiated Sessions
  • SS7 and Service Load Sharing
  • SS7 and Service Load Control
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