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Opencode iSDP Super TAS

Service Delivery Platform with cutting edge Network Studio. Delivers and orchestrates network services across all access channels in an undifferentiated way. Guarantees user-reach in an everything-everywhere mobile world. Check the presentation for more details!
Platform Components

Opencode Network Browser

Opencode Network Browser is a next generation telecom application server. It can manage and execute hundreds of network and cloud-driven services in a conventional or in a virtual network environment.

Opencode Partner APIs

Opencode Partner API Gateway provides controlled and secure access of 3rd parties to the MNOs' network resources. The operators have also the opportunity to develop new API network functions and thus extend the functionality portfolio available to partners. The gateway has open architecture that is easily extendable to meet different network exposure requirements.
Voice, Messaging & Data

Opencode iSMS Center

Messaging evolution and challenges in today’s established and growing networks come from ever-changing user needs, intense commercial competition and lower operational budgets. This is coupled with the transition processes in the mobile network and the dynamics of new technologies.

Opencode iCell Broadcast Center

Opencode iCBC delivers dynamic content to mobile users in different areas and on different channels. Operators and content providers can seamlessly utilize off-the-shelf Cell Broadcast Entities with OTA Channel Management. Check the resources below for more details!

Opencode iUSSD Center

Opencode USSD Center is today’s most-adopted and fully open, multi-service and multi-provider USSD platform. Its unrivaled Studio allows rapid deployment of USSD services while opening new, nearly unlimited opportunities for mobile applications.

Opencode iCarrier App

Opencode Carrier App Browser & Studio is a solution that allows fast exposure of any network service as a mobile app.

Opencode iMedia Server

Opencode iMedia Server provides all needed core network capabilities allowing the deployment of sophisticated voice, video and data services in IN/IMS centered mobile networks. It also acts as Intelligent Peripheral SRF, MRF and conveniently as SCP/SSP. Check the presentation for more details!

Opencode iSIM OTA Gateway

SIM card data management has always been an important activity for MNOs. Over-the-air (OTA) is a cost effective way to manage SIM data such as SMSC GTs, network brand name, preferred roaming networks, dual SIM numbers, etc.

Opencode iLocation Messaging

Delivers SMS notifications and alerts to subscribers within areas of interest. Provides passive and active tracking of subscribers and groups by collecting real-time core network information. Can bypass the MNO’s messaging infrastructure.

Opencode iLocation Databank

Allows geo-tracking of the MNO’s subscriber base. Collects in real-time core and radio network information and maintains Cell-ID accurately. A precious network asset for many network services such as emergency alerts and geo-marketing.
Network Control & Service Brokering

Opencode iCAMEL Gateway

Opencode iCAMEL Gateway can address a multitude of core network needs such as SSP Switching, SCP Proxying, Service Orchestration, Charging, Roaming Enabling and others. It allows launching services timely, on-budget and without network changes.

Opencode iMAP Gateway

Opencode iMAP Gateway (GW) is an essential building block in exposing MAP-relevant signaling functions within all-generation mobile networks. Its open network technology supports in real-time a variety of core network and IT standards.

Opencode iDiameter Gateway

Relying on years of hands-on Diameter experience, Opencode iDiameter Gateway can solve various network specifics. For example, when carriers are scaling 3G and LTE networks, they are finding new network challenges i.e. parasitic Diameter Gy overload generated by connected mobile devices also known as “Diameter storm”.
Roaming Applications

Opencode Roaming Call Completion

RCCO (Roaming Call COmpletion) is a network service that provides dialing assistance to MNO’s inbound roamers. The service intercepts and automatically corrects roamers’ dialing “mistakes” thus ensuring seamless roamer experience and higher inbound roaming revenue.

Opencode Seamless Callback Service

Opencode Roaming Callback allows roamers to place budget calls seamlessly entering the destination number or as a USSD string. The solution reverses originating and terminating flows and thus provides attractive prices and charging options.

Opencode Roaming Collect Call

Opencode Roaming Collect Call allows callers to pay the roaming leg of subscribers that are currently out of the country. As a call completion case the Openccode RCC expands the revenue opoortunities and at the same time provides an attractive call option to low-balance roamers, family roamers, low-balance roamers, etc.

Opencode Roaming Unbundling Solution

Opencode Roaming Unbundling Solution allows EU-based operators to comply with EU Roaming Regulation III, catch new ARP-generated inbound roaming traffic and attract new valuable roaming subscribers.

Opencode SMS Bon Voyage Service

Opencode SMS Bon Voyage Service allow Operators to send SMS messages to outbound roamers and advise them about preferred networks, tariffs, roaming services, etc. The messages are defined per visited network and country and are available for both prepaid and postpaid subscribers.
Business Support Applications

Opencode Call Completion Suite

Opencode Call Completion Suite helps operators improve their revenue by increasing call completion rate, paid subscription event-based charges and sponsored content. At the same time subscribers benefit from an automated, semi-automated or call-by-call call completion options.

Opencode Subscription & Service Manager

Unlike ever before, competitive mobile markets witness fast changing marketing needs that require very quick service development and deployment with a high degree of customization. On top of that, these services must be quite flexible and allow constant changes in their logical components.

Opencode Mobile Beep Call

Typically when A-Party is calling with no balance, the call is rejected with a network announcement such as: “Your call cannot be connected due to low balance.” These are the cases when Opencode Mobile Beep Call will generate a missed call notification to B-Party with the aim to regain call completion.

Opencode Call Screening & Filtering

Opencode Call Screening & Filtering is an app-free core network service helping both mobile operators and subscribers to easily block or allow voice, video and messaging calls in real time or at different time periods. The service easily manages call sponsoring too.

Opencode Missed Call Manager

With Missed Call Manager mobile subscribers get the insurance to have all missed calls reported even if their phones are switched off, out or in bad network coverage. Subscribers busy on another call also appreciate the service as reminder for unanswered or rejected calls.

Opencode End-of-call Notifier

Opencode End-of-call Notifier delivers informative dynamic and interactive USSD- or SMS-based notifications to subscribers at the end of each call. These notifications provide balance, call cost and bundle usage details. This is also an efficient way for promotions and up-sale.

Opencode Mobile Collect Call

Opencode Mobile Collect Call makes reverse billing and call-sharing easy-to-use with various service invocation options, simple announcement flows and notifications. It offers critical network integration capabilities and charging ensuring successful deployment.

Opencode My New Number

Opencode My New Number provides a simple number change solution to churn-in or existing subscribers. Callers to the subscriber’s old number will be notified of the number change in a non-obtrusive manner, easily controlled by the subscriber.

Opencode E-Recharge & E-Voucher Center

Provisioning, secure printing, distributing and retailing of vouchers (scratch cards) is expensive and time consuming. Traditional voucher distribution chain prevents operators from responding quickly to market changes. Opencode E-Recharge Center is a solution that overcomes above challenges.

Opencode Campaign Manager

Operator’s Marketing creates offers so as to meet and drive ever changing customer and business needs. Mobile marketing is one of the few tools that provide fast and simple access to a large mass of customers. The creative potential of Mobile marketing is fully utilized when deployed with custom made campaigns across all mobile channels.

Opencode Multi SIM

Opencode Multi SIM service allows subscribers to operate multiple lines on the same SIM card. Similarly, a single number can be managed on multiple devices and SIMs.

Opencode Virtual Mobile Numbers

Opencode Virtual Mobile Numbers solution enables a subscriber to have multiple mobile numbers, concurrently active on a single SIM card and device. These lines can be temporary or permanent.

Opencode Mobile VPN

Opencode Mobile VPN service offers intra-group dialing, private numbering plans, preferential rates, call filtering, call limiting, cost and usage control. It brings a richer user experience thanks to simple self-care with superior group and restriction options.

Opencode Facebook USSD

Opencode Facebook USSD provides mobile access to Facebook via the popular USSD channel. The service allows convenient and easy mobile browsing of Facebook to all mobile handsets (from the lowest to the highest end).