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What is EU2014 Roaming Unbundling?


Mobile network operators that operate in the European Union as domestic service providers (DSPs), should allow their subscribers to access regulated voice, SMS and data roaming services via alternative roaming providers (ARPs). Known as Roaming Unbundling, the concept is regulated under EU directive No 531/2012. Unbundling of roaming services by an ARP is referred to as Single IMSI, while unbundling of just Internet/data access is referred to as Local Break-Out (LBO).

Seize the opportunity and go far beyond

Opencode Roaming Unbundling Solution allows operators to comply with EU2014 Regulation and integrate with ARPs and LBOs. The solution is based on years of industry expertise and provides opportunity to easily catch new ARP generated traffic, boost wholesale revenue and attract new valuable subscribers.

Example of integration:

Highlighted features:

  • Fully compliant with EU 2014 Roaming Unbundling Requirements
  • Complete modular solution, quick and simple to deploy
  • Conventional or virtualized platform deployment
  • Network Non-intrusive architecture
  • All generation network integration (Conventional, VoIP, hybrid)
  • 50+ off-the-shelf core and 3rd-party integration interfaces/protocols
  • Any-to-any protocol translation and service exposure
  • Protocol conversion at message and parameter level
  • All MN service support -Voice, SMS, MMS, PS data, USSD
  • Hyper-language driven concurrent service orchestration
  • Prepaid/Postpaid/Hybrid service control and provisioning support