Opencode Systems is a solution provider, dedicated to open systems for All-G and Telco-over-Cloud mobile networks. Our specialized core network technology is invisible to consumers but underlies many of the mobile services they use.

Opencode real-time core network products include Network Browser & Studio, iUSSD Center, iSDP, Multi-services CAMEL Gateway, USSD-over-Data 3G/4G App, Carrier App Browser and other first-to-market specialized solutions.

Opencode patented, game-changing, network- and cloud-driven virtualized technology is the preferred choice for the open and creative mobile network.


here our 2015 products and services catalogue. It provides a consistent and easy-to-understand presentation of Opencode's latest portfolio. This is an essential and convenient guide to all Network and VAS Managers. 

Opencode iSDP
Enable services-centered mobile networks... 
Opencode iUSSD Center 
Market leader and operator's #1 choice...
Opencode Carrier App
Expose Network Services as Apps/Add-ons...
Opencode Camel GW/AS
Seamless orchestration of network services... 

Carrier App Browser
Opencode Carrier App Browser & Studio helps Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) expose quickly and easily almost any network service as a mobile app or app add-on. The solution improves the look & feel of network services and simplifies their custom settings, subscription, charging and use.